Our Ability

BTA continually reappraises fundamental assumptions to deliver excellence to enable our clients to make significant breakthroughs. Where clients want to achieve a quantum leap, BTA is the organisation that can make it happen.

BTA is the leading exchanges / capital markets consultancy globally based not only on the range and depth of clients, but also on client satisfaction. BTA was set up as a positive decision in 1991 to provide the highest quality consulting services to clients based on technical excellence which we outperform on compared to big brand names.  We were recently selected for a project beating Big 4 and the so-called Big brand name consultants. Our clients have never been disappointed.

BTA specialises in all aspects of national / business strategies, legal/regulatory/rules, trading/CCP/CSDR requirements and solutions, feasibility studies, procurement, project management, implementation and operations, fee / financial modelling and other necessary components of financial markets. Many of BTA’s consultants have served as senior executives of Exchanges and public quoted companies, bringing a broad range of skills and experience to consulting assignments. We know what works and our diagnostic methods are extremely analytical and forensic.

We are not “copy and paste” advisors.

  • National Plans / Corporate Business and IT Strategy Consulting (including innovation)
  • Legal, Regulatory advice for Market Regulators including writing / interpreting laws, rules
  • Primary market advice
  • Market Design: Trading and liquidity development – micro-structure analysis
  • Market data dissemination, statistics
  • CSD, CCP and Clearing and Settlement
  • Executive Secondment in For-Profit Exchanges – CEO, COO, CTO, CFO roles, Government
  • Financial planning, feasibility studies including some unique tools for managing SMEs
  • Operational Risk Management
  • System Procurement, Implementation and operational advice – we know the key systems used
  • Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management
  • Program Planning / Project Management and Implementation (including market readiness)

BTA’s unique approach amongst consultancy companies is that we are innovative to suit local needs while being extremely practical focusing on delivery. We only focus on financial markets. Our competitive edge is: in contrast to many of the bigger consultancy firms or new entrants, we are specialists and can provide much more value to our clients; and against other niche small firms, we are simply better due to our professional training, high levels of independence and ethics, and the fact that many of the large exchanges, regulators and banks work with us.

Our client base includes:

  • Market Regulators
  • Government: Ministries of Finance, Development, Justice
  • Capital Market Development organisations
  • Securities Exchanges
  • Central Securities Depositories & Central Counterparties
  • Regulators
  • Central Banks & Payment Organisations
  • System Vendors
  • Banks & Brokers
  • Pension Funds, Investment Funds and Investors in Markets
  • IFI/Donor Organisations including the EBRD, World Bank, EIB