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BTA were the advisors to the Polish Ministry of Finance, EBRD and EU to produce the attached National Capital Markets plan

“The Capital Market Development Strategy is the first such comprehensive project that was created for the needs and active participation of Polish market participants. Its main goal is to improve access to financing for Polish enterprises by reducing the average cost of raising capital in the domestic economy, “said the Minister of Finance, prof. Teresa Czerwińska.

“To achieve this goal, the strategy will be based on the following fundamental principles: strengthening market confidence, strong protection of individual investors, stability of the regulatory and supervisory environment and the use of competitive new technologies” – added the minister.

What does the SRRK project contain

The project proposes 60 key actions that are the answer to the twenty most important barriers to the development of the capital market in Poland. They were identified on the basis of signals from companies, institutions and associations and carried out while working on the analysis document.

The list of activities was grouped into key areas, including:

  1. general issues, primarily financial education and domestic savings,
  2. supervision and regulatory reforms, including aimed at strengthening the protection of individual investors and ensuring the efficiency of servicing issuers and capital market entities,
  3. tax incentives and improvements in tax administration,
  4. activities increasing the competitiveness of the capital market,
  5. innovativeness and actions to increase the use of new technologies on the Polish market.

The project was financed by the European Commission and in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The implementation of the NDSF is planned for 2019-2023. Its elaboration is the implementation of one of the postulates included in the Strategy for Responsible Development.

Ultimately, the Strategy will be adopted by the Council of Ministers.

See the draft Capital Market Development Strategy

(Polish version)

(English version)

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