Adriana Tanasoiu (MSc) – Trade and Post-Trade Specialist

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Adriana is a financial sector specialist with over 20 years of professional experience in capital markets gained in the trading and post-trading market infrastructures of Romania (Bucharest Stock Exchange and  Depozitarul Central – Central Securities Depository), Turkey, Moldova, Albania and Georgia, as well as during the interaction with European Union institutions in the process of developing and implementing pan-European projects, as well as developing European regulations and their associated regulatory and implementing technical standards.

Adriana has managed numerous strategic projects throughout her career, aimed at establishing, developing and modernising the Romanian capital market infrastructures (Bucharest Stock Exchange – BSE and Central Securities Depository – Depozitarul Central), according to the European Union standards and practices. She have extensive experience in the design and implementation of strategic reforms.

Adriana was part of the Central Bank of Romania’s team which established the Bucharest Stock Exchange (1994-1995) and she was the Deputy CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange for 8 years (1996-2004), coordinating the trading and post-trading (CSD and registry) functions, as well as the new projects development. Adriana coordinated the establishment of the Central Securities Depository (Depozitarul Central) in Romania, including its Rule Book, in a fully dematerialised environment. The Central Securities Depository (CSD), was established in 2006 and consolidated all the post-trade operations of the Romanian capital market, from the BSE (CSD and registry), another CSD and several registrars. Adriana was the CEO of Depozitarul Central for 8 years (2006-2014) and she coordinated the building of bi-directional links between Depozitarul Central and the National Bank of Romania’s CSD for Government treasury bonds and bills, including the implementation of the associated regulatory framework at Depozitarul Central. She also coordinated the building of cross-border settlement links with 20 CSDs (including one International CSD) in 13 currencies, and the implementation of the associated regulatory framework at Depozitarul Central.

She have led Depozitarul Central to be a promoter of implementing the global standards in the Romanian market and to be at the forefront of the European projects contributing to create an European integrated financial market. Depozitarul Central was part of the first group of CSDs which use the pan-European settlement system TARGET2 Securities, developed under the coordination of the European Central Bank. Adriana has proven change management and project management skills on the occasion of successful implementation of big infrastructure projects for the Romanian capital market, both in the trading and post-trading areas.

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