Alistair Pearson – Business Analyst: Capital Markets and RTGS specialist

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Alistair Pearson is a multi-skilled financial markets consultant with experience with almost 30 years’ experience in financial markets covering a broad range of central market infrastructures including – market trading infrastructures, market surveillance, complex index systems, technology outsourcing of IT services and payments infrastructures including:

  • running technology RFPs for exchanges
  • undertaking complex implicit and explicit cost analysis for exchanges, CCPs and CSDs to identify revenue improvements and elasticity of demand for services
  • lead business analyst for SIX Swiss Exchange on their Indexium project
  • advising on the payments infrastructure needs of emerging economies
  • undertaking due diligence on payments solution providers prior to the acquisition of Perago for SIA S.p.A
  • assisting with large-scale financial infrastructure bids.

Alistair had advised a number of BTA clients including SIX Swiss Exchange, SIA S.p.A/Perago, Kuwait Clearing Company, Nigeria Stock Exchange, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Bondspot and KDPW.

Alistair has worked on a number of payments solutions including Perago, SIA and Logica’s marketing and sales staff globally to position and promote payments and financial messaging solutions, and with clients to integrate those solutions. Alistair is a highly accomplished business analyst and has modelled payment flows, defined an operational framework for RTGSs, and specified high-level system requirements for a number of central banks.

Alistair has had careers with the London Stock Exchange, Price Waterhouse,  Logica and other large consultancies. Alistair holds an MA from Oxford University in Economics and is a Member of the Securities Institute.