Peter Premk, LLB – Capital Markets legal and regulatory specialist

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Peter Premk, Bachelor of Law, specialises in designing and applying securities market legal systems for the development and operation of the capital markets using his extensive knowledge of the continental and common law legal systems. Peter has over 20 years of experience in drafting infrastructure legislation, regulations, rules and contracts for Governments, Securities Markets Regulators and FMI Operators (Exchanges, CCPs, CSDs and Central Securities Registrars) including the design and operation of business/institutional requirements for capital markets (domestic and cross-border).  Peter is one of the most knowledge and solution driven post-trade lawyers with academic, consulting and practical experience of post-trade requirements in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Peter has specialised in designing and implementation of legal framework supporting all post trade CSD, clearing and CCP activities, from the top level (laws) to contractual level (CCP Rulebook), with recent practical experiences in Slovenia, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Tanzania and Sri Lanka projects. Peter also has recent experience in reviewing and benchmarking stock exchange rules and managing and coordinating drafting complete stock exchange rulebook (trading, listing, membership, disclosure/transparency rules) and providing legal opinions to an ICSD.

Peter was the former COO and Chief Legal Officer of KDD, the National Depository for Slovenia.

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