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Various projects between 2012 – 2017

2 strategies (2012-17, 2018-22), New Product Development strategy, rule book re-write, training for a new SME market including the roll out of a nationwide initiative plan over a five-year period. Financial modelling included. Design/enhancement of 26 product initiatives including the micro business, regulatory and financial analysis to improve trading, including some innovative products in the money market space.

BTA has developed the 5-year strategies for the DSE leading to a significant turnaround to the markets, most importantly enabling the DSE to list. The strategies included 20 detailed initiatives based around investor education, investor protection, legal/regulatory improvement, product development, financial inclusion and financial independence as well as a resolution to some significant barriers to market development. Specific projects were created for (a) the development of a mobile based Government securities market given 60% of the GDP is now processed across mobile and (b) the development of 26 new products to enable the economy to achieve a defined set of objectives to support the industrialisation and infrastructure development of the market.