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Prepared a business plan in which the following will be considered on a best efforts basis. The aim is to consider each of the areas below and write notes for inclusion in a wider document that will be owned by Oslo Børs.

  • Define sales models that will work for the Obsurvex Business.
  • Consider the “Circles of Influence” that will need to managed in order to win a sale and the impact that has on the structure of Obsurvex
  • Corporate Structure and Corporate Governance Models
  • Business Strategy:
  • Mission (what is an achievable mission?)
  • Market Scope and Potential Sizing
  • Service Model(s) to service the Market
  • Competitive Drivers
  • Legal structure and strategy for Obsurvex business
  • Identify the specific business scope of the Obsurvex Business e.g. Countries – RIE’s and ECN/ATS’s if possible, Instruments, Functionality (based on any specifics that are identified as must have by the customer survey)
  • Identify any future direction of the business for the next three years to aim to get an opinion on investment.
  • Identify sizing, SLA standards, performance and guarantee requirements
  • Hardware requirements
  • IT Systems requirements
  • Considered how Obsurvex would need to integrate with third party systems